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You vs. Mom Guilt

As a mom, and a working mom at that, losing a sense of self is not an uncommon thing. We're so focused on the jobs and roles assigned to us that we don't realize we aren't spending time pouring into ourselves. But then there's "mom guilt" right? The worst or is it. Between finding enough… Continue reading You vs. Mom Guilt

Budget Life

3 Lessons Learned while Budgeting

I'll be the first to admit that budgeting and paying off debt is not for the faint. And quite frankly, so is being an adult, lol. However, mistakes are part of the process and I'd be a fool to say that they aren't. Lesson one: There is POWER in your tithe and this is for… Continue reading 3 Lessons Learned while Budgeting

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3 Ways We “Slayed” Back to School

Whew! We made through the first week of school. Alarms clock set a little earlier, more bags to grab on the way out the door, and a slightly tighter schedule. However, we've created some strategies that seem to have us on track! Here goes, nothing! Schedules! Chy and I set goals about how we wanted… Continue reading 3 Ways We “Slayed” Back to School