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3 Ways We “Slayed” Back to School

Whew! We made through the first week of school. Alarms clock set a little earlier, more bags to grab on the way out the door, and a slightly tighter schedule. However, we’ve created some strategies that seem to have us on track! Here goes, nothing!

Schedules! Chy and I set goals about how we wanted the school year to go. Let me pump my brakes and just add that this is the first time that we technically started school together. She’s a 5th grader and I’m adjunct nursing faculty. School started the same day for us both. Ok, back on track! We used our The Happy Planner planners to plan out what the first two weeks of school would look like, leaving room for things to be added once all 10,000 papers came home. A written schedule helps us both be more accountable for how we use our time. For a little bonus,
The Happy Planner allows for us to be creative!


Meal planning! Now, let me through this disclaimer out there. Meal planning is not my niche and I’m forever grateful for hastags, YouTube, and Pinterest. Most weeks, I pray that my Nana will send a “food is ready” text at least once a week. I have a “home” happy planner for home and budget things. I used this planner to plan out our three meals for the week. I even took it a step further for Chy and placed her lunch menu on our dry erase board by the fridge. This makes it easier for her to remember what her plans are for lunch. Meal planning helps us eat more meals at home, giving us more quality time. And of course, meal planning keeps this mommy in budget! Win win!

The weekends! Yeah, yeah I know. Late mornings, brunch, and lounge clothes are a weekend’s dream, well at least for us it is. However, the weekends are our time to catch up on laundry, plan our outfits for the coming week, and grocery store runs. So, I look at the weekly sales ad, do kitchen inventory, and ask Chy what she would like for lunch. I shop based on the sales and what we need to make a complete meals for the week.

And don’t forget to start each day with prayer and positive affirmations. Set the tone for your day! Command your day! Oh yeah, get your jam on…Level Up


Cierra and Chy!


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