Two Roles, One TEAM!


Just getting home from work, not even out of the car good, I get asked a questioned.

“Mama, can I wash dishes?”

“Did she just ask me to wash dishes?” That was my first thought. My nine year old asked me to wash dishes. “Whose child is this?” I thought. I come in the house and Chy is washing dishes. But then my light bulb went off. It was a big deal to me and here’s why.

First, I realized that she’s watching me. School, work, home, extracurricular activities, etc., it’s all about trying to balance and most importantly prioritizing. However, one thing I didn’t realize is she’s on my team. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very much still the mother and we’re not on opposing teams. It was something BIGGER. As she matures and develops into a young lady, teamwork is key. Honestly, it helps us both.

The team we’ve created and still creating daily often reminds me to use the help when it’s available. Ask for help when I know I need it. Inclusion is vital and by that I mean letting my daughter know that she is valuable and just as important as I am in the routine of our daily life. Let’s just be honest, some days I’m just winging it on faith and a prayer!

20170903_201916 (1)

Now as I’m a mom, sometimes I still can’t believe it, I’ve learned that her helping me helps her. She’s learning how to cook at an early age, do basic life things (like dishes, cleaning her room, etc) and most importantly we are creating memories. She feels important, not “just the child.”

So, we talked about chores and what she believed she could be the leader on. Washing her clothes (we’ll see, lol) and washing dishes (all but knives and glass dishes). She would like to receive a “paycheck” for her work on my paydays. Y’all would not believe how tight she is with money. But everything is coming full circle and I’m sooo blessed to be on her journey.


Cierra & Chy

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