Happy Birthday!!!!

IMG_4624 (3)
On July 19, 2008 at 8:40 am, I was born. But, do you want to know the cool part about my birth? I was born on my mommy’s 22nd birthday. That’s right, I share a birthday with my mommy. A lot of people are surprised to know this and some ask us this every year, “Y’all have the same birthday?” LOL. Having the same birthday as my mommy is the greatest present I could ask for. But of course, some nice gifts are always nice, too.
Chy’s Mom:
Yes, I had my 8lb 10oz beautiful baby girl on my 22nd birthday. And to answer the question, “Did you plan it?” I did not. She came when God saw fit and it just so happened to be on my birthday. Of course, she is the best present that I could ever ask for. Each new year that God blesses us with life is an indescribable feeling. However, over the years I have learned that God’s plan is far greater than I can imagine.
With great thought and prayer, this blog is something we both wanted to start as a team. 07/19 not only represents our birthday but it symbolizes God’s perfect order in regard to His judgement.
Happy Birthday!!!!

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